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  1. How often do I have to work? 

    That is entirely up to you.  You can work one day a year or full-time.
  2. Am I responsible for paying my own payroll taxes? What about social security contributions? 

    One of the great benefits of working with Nursing Centers is you don’t have to worry about any of these concerns. You are a Nursing Centers employee when you are on assignment and therefore we handle all of your payroll deductions for state and federal taxes as well as the social security contribution.  
  3. How far in advance will I know my schedule?

    Nursing Centers’ staffing coordinators will work with you to design a schedule tailored just for you.  If you want to schedule on a last-minute basis or a month in advance, we will work closely with you and our client representative to achieve the best schedule for both parties.
  4. Do I have to work weekends and holidays?

    Only if you want to.  Nursing Centers does not impose “quotas” with respect to scheduling.  You decide. It’s as simple as that.
  5. How often do I get paid?

    All of our employees are paid on a weekly basis.
  6. I don’t live to close to any of your offices, so how do I get my check?

    Nursing Centers has direct deposit to any bank in the country.  If you prefer not to have direct deposit, you may pick your check up from any of our offices or we can mail the check to the address of your choice.
  7. Can I be scheduled at the same client facility or do I have to travel?

    Many of our employees are scheduled at one or two client facilities on a regular basis.  Certain client’s have contracted hours so you may receive a block schedule at that facility for a number of consecutive weeks.
  8. How do I become orientated to the client’s site?

    Prior to your first scheduled assignment you will receive an orientation at our office with respect to Nursing Centers’ policies and procedures.  Once you have completed this session, your orientation at the client facility where you are assigned can be as short as an hour prior to the shift, or up to several hours prior to your first scheduled shift.   All of our client have experience assimilating temporary agency personnel into their work force and are ready to answer your questions as well as provide written instructions for your review.
  9. Do I need malpractice insurance?

    No, Nursing Centers retains a professional liability policy for all employees.

  10. How do I get started?

    You can call one of our offices close to you home, or come in ,or apply on-line. We would love to hear from you! Call Today!!!

Your question has not been answered? Call us today-we will be happy to help!!! Phone 1-877-281-6350 or email

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